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What is Our Astute Facial Programme?

If you are looking for gentle, hassle-free treatments, but want something more than what most beauty salons have to offer, Astute has come up with a medical grade facial to cater to your maintenance needs. ​ We understand that everybody’s needs are different, so we have come up with a programme that with a range of treatment options that target different problems.

EMS Baby Botox treatment

The treatment helps to smoothen out existing wrinkles and fines lines to achieve a softer, smoother and youthful looking skin. In the long run, it prevents lines and wrinkles from forming more deeply by reducing muscle activity so that lines don’t have the opportunity to form. Benefits of EMS Baby Botox:

Needleless Rejuran

Enjoy painless Rejuran Needless, a powerful skin healing treatment for skin rejuvenation and youth restoration properties, infused into the skin via Dermoelectroporation (DEP) for effective results and zero downtime. Perfect alternative for those who wants to enjoy the many benefits of Rejuran, minus the discomfort.

  • Gently smooth out existing wrinkles And Prevent Future Lines.

  • Improves Overall Skin Textures

  • Improves Collagen Regeneration

  • Reduce Muscle Activity

  • Most Importantly helps your face look softer and more youthful.