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At Astute Preschool, we appreciate that the early years plays a crucial role in the lives of children. During this critical period, a child's physical, psychomotor, social-emotional, mental and lingual development are rapidly developing. Thus, the appropriate environmental stimuli are vital to nurture the developing brains.


Only at Astute, will you find an unprecedented (trademark) blend of Speech and Drama and Problem-Based Learning for your precious ones aged 18 months to 6 years old. Astute Preschool boasts of an unparallel curriculum, a forerunner in Singapore’s preschool scene. Our child-centred pedagogy facilitates a learner’s holistic development through our forward-looking educational methodologies.

Wait no longer and approach us for further information on our programmes lined up for your child!




Our child-friendly General Practitioner is located within our very own education campus! This means that all Astute learners have immediate, priority access to our in-house GP services during their learning hours. An additional perk for all valued members: consultations are entirely FOC for all Astute learners! Medications costs may be deducted from one’s membership credits.

Our in-house doctor will not only look after the physical well-being of our learners, Astute Medical Clinic also provides a broad range of preventive medicine services such as immunizations, x-rays, blood tests, for our learners and their family. What’s more: all costs may be fully covered using one’s membership credits (refer to upcoming T&C).


At Astute Education Campus, your child’s holistic well-being is at the forefront our minds. We care for your child’s oral health as much as their physical welfare. Located within Astute’s Education Campus is our very own child-friendly Dentist. Thus, rest assure that your child’s dental health will be well-cared for during their time at Astute. Similar to our GP services, all Astute learners will enjoy privileged access to our in-house dentist. Consultation charges are waived for all learners of Astute Education Campus (refer to upcoming T&C).


At Astute, we are aware that good nutrition and a well-balance diet is the cornerstone of good health. As advocates of evidence-based medicine, Astute prioritizes the integration early child development with nutrition[1]. We recognise that the well-being of our country begins with our young ones receiving the necessary support to promote their health and early child development[2]. Therefore, our in-house meal plans are specially crafted to ensure your child’s optimal physical and cognitive development. At Astute Preschool, our doctor and team of professionals will conscientiously select the best ingredients for every meal.


Additionally, Astute Preschool is working in close partnership with reputable restaurants to satisfy the cravings of your little ones. We guarantee this will be executed in a wholesome manner to ensure your child reaches his/her developmental potential. And the best part is: these services are provided at no additional costs! These are entitlements for only our privileged Astute Preschool Learners.


This is but one of the ways to show that we care for your little ones’ needs. Expect more perks and beneficial pogrammes from Astute Education in the upcoming semesters ahead!


[1] Black, M.M, Dewey, K.G. Promoting equity through integrated early child development and nutrition interventions, Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 2014, vol. 1308 (pg. 1-10).

[2] Black, M.M. (2015). Pioneers in Pediatric Psychology: Integrating Nutrition and Child Development Interventions. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Volume 40, Issue 4, May 2015, Pages 398–405,